• Manufacturer : RUFF 'N RUFFUS
  • ASIN : B089XFX3KL



Keep your fur baby’s coat looking sleek and shiny with the powerful brushing action of the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog & Cat Slicker Brush. This easy-to-use grooming tool is perfect for gently and effectively removing even the most stubborn of tangles and knots from your pet’s undercoat, thanks to the uniquely designed bristles that curve slightly to penetrate thick fur, without scratching or irritating the skin. Your furry best friend will have a shinier coat and healthier skin in no time, and the comfortable anti-slip handle helps to prevent wrist strain, no matter how long you brush your pet. And cleanups are a snap, thanks to the automatic retraction button, which pulls the bristles back up into the brush, instantly leaves leaving it fur-free and ready for your pet’s next grooming.

Press & Extend

Simply push the button and you’re ready to brush.

Hands Free

No need to hold the button while brushing.

Press & Retract

Press again to retract bristles into the brush.

Instantly Clean

With the bristles retracted, slide the hair off. It’s that easy!

   Featurs : 

  • Simple to use and easy to clean!
  • Press the button to get the bristles pointing out of the brush.
  • Angle the teeth of the brush in the same direction as your pet's coat. In other words, brush from head to tail. * When you’re done brushing, simply press the button again and the bristles will retract into the brush making it super simple to clean with just a single swipe with your finger!


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